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The Total Money Makeover consists of Dave Ramsey Baby Steps to build an emergency fund, get out of debt, invest, and start to gain financial independence.
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The Secret to Saving—and Why We Tend to Get Sidetracked
Our Student Loan Debt Payoff Story-- SixFiguresUnder.com  (other useful information for financial recovery).
My Blogging Journey, and How I Make Money Blogging by Natalie Bacon
I've been having this "conversation" with my family and in-laws for a while now. I'm not so big on college. I went I grew as a human being and found it to be a fantastic stepping-stone to adulthood and learned a lot about the world. But it did not get me a good job. And that was a long time ago. Now it's worse. WAY worse. Some of my younger friends owe six-figures of debt and will NEVER pay it off if they continue doing what the rest of the country does. This video explains how to see it…
What's more enjoyable than kicking back in front of the television with a bowl of potato chips? Getting paid while you do it! Here's how to get paid to watch videos and TV.
This reminder about all those student loans you still owe. | The 22 Most Accurate Tumblr Posts About Being A Twentysomething