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Full of Grace and Truth: Selected hymns to St. Phanourios

Synaxarion of Saint Phanourios the Great-Martyr and Newly-Revealed

St. Matthew the Evangelist, 1400			Andrei Rublev - Featured Artworks

St Matthew the Evangilist Artist: Andrei Rublev Completion Date: Place of Creation: Moscow, Russian Federation Style: Byzantine Series: Khitrovo Gospels Genre: miniature Gallery: Russian State Library, Moscow, Russia

Los cuatro grandes arcángeles son parte de El consejo angélico: de izquierda a derecha aparecen San Jehudiel, San Gabriel, San Sealtiel, San Miguel, San Uriel, San Rafael, San Barachiel. Debajo de Cristo se ven querubines azules y serafines rojos.

Limpieza de primavera: Ritual para purificar la casa con los cuatro arcángeles

Saint Jegudiel the Archangel also Jhudiel or Jehudiel (Hebrew: יהודיאל‎ Yehudiel "laudation of God") is one of the seven Archangels in Eastern Orthodox tradition and in the eastern rites of the Catholic Church.


St. Hypomone  (Feast days: March 13 & May 29) Born Helena Dragaš Palaiologos, Hypomon/Ipomoni (translated in English as "St. Patience") was the empress consort of Byzantine emperor Manuel II Palaiologos. She was well known for her beauty, piety, wisdom, and justice. After his death, on 21 July 1425, she became a nun at the Monastery of Kyra Martha, taking her monastic name. She helped to establish a home for old people, with the name "The Hope of the Despaired".

Saint Ypomoni, known in the world as Helen Dragas, came from a royal family. She was the daughter of Constantine Dragas, who was one of the many rulers-heirs of the Serbian King Stefan Dusan. At around 19 she became the wife of Manuel II Palaiologos

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But a select few out of MANY. And by many, well, just watch the show, you'll get it. For example, they left out "shouldn't we be running AWAY from big booms?

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Mystagogy Resource Center is an International Orthodox Christian Ministry headed by John Sanidopoulos.

Delegación Iztapalapa

Delegación Iztapalapa