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The Titanic Musicians

Titanic stories – Young violinist John Hume a ‘hero’ for playing until the end - Halifax

The Titanic Musicians. They kept on playing as the great ship sank. This is where the saying "and the band played on" originated from.

Some Pictures Of The Titanic You've Never Seen

Pictures of the Titanic. I've had a weird interest in the Titanic since like grade. I even wrote to the scientist who found the wreck and got a letter back. White Star Line

images of items recovered from the titanic - Bing Images

Titanic survivor's secrets revealed

Titanic infographic - cool fact sheet, amazing 711 survived . . .mind-boggling facts!

Titanic infographic - contains interesting facts about the Titanic and how the unsinkable ship sank.

Madeleine Astor, Titanic survivor and wife of John Jacob Astor IV, ca. 1910. Source: Library of Congress

Madeleine Talmage Astor – was the second wife and widow of millionaire John Jacob Astor IV and a survivor of RMS Titanic. Madeline was five months pregnant when she boarded the ship, giving birth to her son in August of that year.

Sinking of the Titanic

Titanic time line of when everything took place. Just a little bit off and my grandfather would have been a baby on the sinking Titanic. luckily for me he was on another ship Built by Harland & Wolff

Rigel, a big black Newfoundland dog, belonging to First Officer Murdoch, saved the passengers in Life Boat #4. They were drifting in front of the Carpathia, too weak to call out. The dog had swam in the icy water for three hours, probably looking for his master. He was swimming in front of the lifeboat and alerted the Carpathia crew by barking. The boat might not have been rescued if not for the sharp barking of Rigel.

Rigel, a big black Newfoundland dog, belonging to First Officer Murdoch, saved…


11 Never Before Seen Pictures Of The Titanic

Taken by Father Browne SJ show a glimpse of what things were like before the ship went down.The bedroom in the Browne suite aboard the Titanic, which would have been elegant in any location.