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Photomanipulation. Usually don't like them but this one is good! Our Ends Are Beginnings by ParadisiacPicture.deviantart.com

Our Ends Are Beginnings by ParadisiacPicture (Showcasing 50 Creative Photo-Manipulations on CrispMe). The world beneath the waves.

Desktop Goodies: Next time you’re on a boat, remember that this is exactly what’s going on underneath you.

A Siren isn't really a sea monster but sailors have told tales of these beautiful women that sing to you and seduce you into their trap of bloodlust. They are said to eat the sailors alive or drowned them deep in the ocean.

Pirate Ship

This ships represents that pirates overtook the ship to England and that Hamlet bribed the pirates to give him a journey back to Denmark.

For those of us that want to live the rebellious life and abandoned the idea of a mundane one.

Picture of a pirate flag/ship. How do we know it's a pirate ship?