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Angela Duckworth and the Research on "Grit" By Emily Hanford

Angela Duckworth - Professor at The University of Pennsylvania. Focuses on research that shows that the best predictor for student success is grit

Grit is the perseverance and passion for long term goals! Angela Lee Duckworth, Ph.D.

The missing link between intelligence and performance is grit, says Angela Lee Duckworth.

The Importance of Grit in Students Infographic | e-Learning Infographicse-Learning Infographics

The Importance of Grit in Students Infographic looks at some of the reasons it is important to add grit to your century survival skills.

An Olympics Performance Perfect For A Lesson On "Grit"

You may have seen the amazing performance by U. skater Jeremy Abbott on Friday when he took a terrible fall but then recovered to finish very strongly.

You Still Matter

You Still Matter

You Matter: Angela Maiers is an education and technology consultant from Des Moines, Iowa who shares with us how two words can change a life.

For Educators | The Duckworth Lab-  Interesting recommendations for articles & research in the area of GRIT and PERSISTENCE

The Duckworth Lab tests grit and self-control as measures of student achievement. See some resources for educators related to grit and self-control on their website.