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Linda Evangelista- '90's - this hairstyle still works 20 years later!

Linda Evangelista -- yes, a model HAD to be included. OK, she's not a film actress. Nevertheless, she's what I call "a gasper." You can't help but gasp a little when you see that face.

80's hair

And this, my friends, is how my hair spent most of the Eighties. I rawked it so hard.

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13 Hairstyles You Totally Wore in the '80s

Oh I was known to do a side ponytail back in the day!! I'm not ashamed it was super cool then....

The best hairstyles from 80s TV shows

A side ponytail is when all of the hair is swept up and to the side of the head and tied there by an elastic or scrunchie. The popularity of this hairstyle spread throughout the world. Side ponytails were a hairstyle hit.

My mom's hairdresser

This was the look I would go for with my big hair and big earrings