Funny Weight Loss Memes

The scale doesn't lie. Putting in the work will eventually pay off. Another 8 lbs to my goal bh. Lunch: salmon eggs n liver n salad sm chulent plate Snack: fresh fruits popcorn Dinner: salad n tuna n fruits by chavsweightlossjourney

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Stepping on the scale after a weekend of junk food and alcohol - Diet and…

Best ever!! Crossfit!!!

Wake up.haha, every morning.except my prince is much more polite. PS I love Sleeping Beauty

Funny pictures about Winter Weight-Loss. Oh, and cool pics about Winter Weight-Loss. Also, Winter Weight-Loss photos.

Sure does.....lolol....This is too funny!

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haha seriously!

The box said it was two pounds of why did I gain ten pounds?

Don't forget your FitBit! Fitness Motivation. Fitness quotes. Running and walking.

t think you understand mom funny quotes family memes quote lol funny quote funny quotes humor. This was me as a little kid

Lmao.... I don't diet but this is funny as heck.

Bird How's your diet going? Bird Shut up!


fit girls be like! ha ha story of my life!