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The woodlouse is not an insect but a crustacean, that has 14 parts to its body, which gives the woodlouse the flexibility to be able to curl into a ball to protect itself from danger. This means that only the hard outer shell of the woodlouse is exposed.The...

Armadillidium vulgare (Isopoda: Armadillidiidae) is a common European pill bug, a kind of woodlouse which can roll into a ball.

Philoscia muscorum - Common Striped Woodlouse -- Sighted: New York, etc.

Philoscia muscorum - Common Striped Woodlouse -- Sighted: New York, etc.

Small, soil-dwelling animals may help ease climate change, a new study shows.

Terrestrial Isopods (Sowbugs, Pillbugs, Potato Bugs) As Food for Captive Reptiles and Amphibians

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Oniscus asellus - Common Woodlouse

Oniscus asellus - Common Woodlouse -- Sighted: New York, etc.

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Portfolio of photographer Giles Revell. Projects include Insect Tectonics, campaign for Rainforest Action Network & Photofit with Matt Willey.

Nature photography fascinates me. Today’s digital macro photography enables us to present small animals, reptiles and insects as highly aesthetic, colorful figures full of charm and grace. Igor Siwanowicz, a talented nature photographer based in Munich, Germany, calls it “glamour macro”. He believes that through his work, people could appreciate the animals and may start …

All u can eat- Pillbugs/Land Shrimp. known as sowbugs or woodlice. The better tasting ones are the ones that roll into a ball. The non-rolling sowbugs are foul smelling n tasting.

Woodlouse - I used to love these as a kid.

Chapter 25 - we find out the trial affected Jem more than we thought when he wont let Scout kill a bug because he said it was innocent. After Tom dies Bob Ewell makes another threat by saying one down two to go.

A pillbug goes by many names -– roly poly, wood louse, armadillo bug, potato bug – but whatever you call it, it's a fascinating creature.

10 Fascinating Facts About Pillbugs

Isopod / Pillbug Culture for your Turtle, Reptile, Bird Live Food Feeder Insect