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When your heart is pure & true...

When your heart is pure & true, God has a way of making sure everything works out in your favor!

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"Allow beauty to shatter you" -Victoria Erickson. Probably the most beautiful thing I've read.

The Notebook quotes never fail to make our heart melt!

The 14 Most Romantic Lines From Famous Love Letters (PHOTOS)

.. a good heart. quote

Fashion - Delicate Pale Pink and Soft Yellow and Green

I can distinctly remember, my surprise as a child, school year after school year, studying & memorizing wars. They piled up in my mind. Senseless death periods defined my education & it made me so uncomfortable. Seemed so strange. In my adulthood, I am realizing what my child-self instinctively knew. We don't have to be at war. Someone is making us do it, someone making money. & if you follow the money, you will make sense of the senseless violence. | "We have been forever at war." -Gore…

How long have we been a country? How long have we been at war? War has been an accepted fact of life for too long. It's time we demand peace. No More War anti war peace campaign stop war logic change attitudes

The people don't know their true power

Funny pictures about True Power. Oh, and cool pics about True Power. Also, True Power photos.

Christopher Hitchens - author, satirist, speaker on atheism, anti-theism, and reason

"Take the risk of thinking for yourself - much more happiness, truth, beauty, and wisdom will come to you that way. AS REAL AS THEY COME! He is deeply missed!