Jasper Barnes

Jasper Barnes

Cupcake Alchemist, Beginner Cosplayer, Eclectic Witch, Hipster Artist, Nerd. Have fun!!!
Jasper Barnes
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Bird Feet TutorialI made these feet for my kenku costume. [[MORE]] Get ya shoes. I chose these dance shoes because they conform to my foot and the sole is barely visible, plus they are comfortable,.

A druid in my game used the Entangle spell, and it was pretty easy to know how a square rendered on a battle mat with a spacing grid.

Silent Night

Winter Solstice: Pagan Carols - "A Pagan Silent Night." This is kind of cool.

Vernal Equinox // Ostara // Easter - Ostara 2015 with Nature Bound Pagan

Nature Bound Pagan - Yule - Winter Solstice - Pinned by The Mystic& Emporium on Etsy

Nature Bound Pagan: Litha - Knowledge, Plans, and Preparations Venomous snake…

Nature Bound Pagan: Samhain - A Thin Veil. Everything you could possibly want to know about the Celtic holiday behind Halloween. I love Samhain