The Awesome Power of Australia - A Bogan Journey: Ancient Milk Bar

This milk bar has been on Parramatta Road forever, unchanged Moldy Mars Bar?

australian milk bar - Google Search

Espresso and milk bar, Londys café, Toowoomba, 1962

australian milk bar - Google Search

Digital Photograph - Transaction at K & A Pappas Australian & Continental Milk Bar, Preston West, 1982

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Old style milk bar. Three steamed dim sims with soy sauce and an egg flip Big M…


A tribute to the country's vanishing independent corner shops.

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John Wade Records at Shaker Square had booths where you could listen to any record. We used to go after school and listen to records. This was the best record store.

Roller Skates- Looks like one pair I had. I had so much fun with my roller skates. Was able to do so many tricks. I spent hours on end roller skating in the back, and in the street.

I had these ,was no good at it though..rainbow 1980's roller skates.

Vintage Disco roller skates boots size - not sure I like things from my childhood being called "vintage"!

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"Down at Fraggle Rock.down at Fraggle Rock.down at Fraggle Rock!