LG's upcoming flexible smartphone will be using plastic substrates.

For long, tech designers have envisioned a phone or a tech device that can easily 'wrap' around a surface. For this, the display of that device will have to be very flexible and thin. Corning, the com.

Plastic acts as a new shell for the iPhone 5C

Apple iPhone Factory Unlocked GSM LTE iOS Smartphone - All Colors in Cell Phones & Accessories, Cell Phones & Smartphones

Super thin plastic skin with sensors on them. Would you wear it?

Super thin plastic skin with sensors on them. Would you wear it?

Your photo #3DPrinted from a Microsoft XBoX Kinect scan or even your iPhone

Volumental is raising funds for The Scan-to-Print Web App on Kickstarter! Create a printable model of any object using only a depth camera and a web browser!

This 3D Printed Haptic Gear will make manual drivers much more efficient on the road.

Ford Engineer Zachary Nelson shows a prototype shift

Pretty slick looking Carbon Fiber shelled BlackBerry Z10

What does a combination of a high end smart phone and a super luxury makes? Any guesses? Well, we have the answer that might interest you. The combination is called as the BlackBerry Z 10 Porsche Edition Smart Phone.

Are these possibly the #plastic-made budget friendly iPhone? The iPhone 5 C?

An image of what appears to be plastic retail packaging for Apple's rumored budget iPhone has surfaced on Chinese discussion forum WeiPhone.

#3DPrinted #SLR #Camera

printing is becoming more and more popular, and now one design graduate decided to create his own printed camera. Call the OpenReflex, this printed camera as created by Leo Marius.