Stephanie Wood
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Soapy sensory jar for toddlers

Fill a peanut butter jar (or other large plastic jar) half-way with water. Add food coloring of your choice. Add some dish soap. Lots if you want lots of bubbles! Add glitter in too if you’d like some sparkles.

Tissue paper bag sensory for kids

Toddler Activity : Tissue paper bits in a big paper bag, transfer to a plastic tub (if he wants).

Dry pasta sensory bin for kids

Sensory Activity: Dry Pasta Noodles more for Amelie, scavenger hunt kids and bottles style and sensory all at once? - neither of these things are new but I'm not sure if she would have dealt with the combo yet?

Under the sea cupcakes - Maybe a ring instead of a pearl at the top? ;)

I like the stand, do Ivory's mermaid fin cake on top and sea objects and pirate cupcakes underneath. Purple and Aqua Baby Shower - cupcake tier idea, also Under the Sea themed. just love the colors though!