HG Holden Monaro
1971 Holden HQ Monaro GTS
1976 General Motors Holden HX LE Monaro, 308 4Bbl V8/TH400/3.31 limited-slip...
This is a great Monaro built by a couple of young guys in Aussie. Well done.
How simple and basic advertising was back then. The Monaro had such a horny interior. Would have seen a lot of action!
HK Monaro
HG Monaro GTS 350...
Monaro lead the way down the twisting mountain at Bathurst way back when. Thankfully the Ford GT is behind it.
The crowd was drooling over the metallic orange Monaro at Beach Hop. The detail is impressive, ARP bolts etc everywhere. No expense spared.
1970 HG Holden Brougham-Australia  In Bronze..

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2004 Holden Torana Concept car - I would sell a kidney to get my hands on this.
HSV Holden GTS ... meanest looking car on Australian roads (I want one!!)
1973 Holden LJ Torana GTR Coupe.
1969(?) Holden Brougham...with chromework closely resembling ANOTHER GM nameplate.
Best looking holden models ever made, hk/t/g
1971 Ford Falcon XY “GT-Phase III” (AU)
1970 - 71 Holden HG Brougham
This Monaro is rated one of the top 60 cars by Street Machine magazine. I mostly love the photographic treatment, although it is a great car too. Now this is the image I would love to have used in the product launch brochure!
Holden Sportwagon - Redline - 6.0L V8 430hp 545Nm Newborn El Camino :)
1968 HK GTS Monaro next to a 2001 CV8 Monaro.