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Primrose Sands

Primrose Sands
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OMG yes i literally clean the house wearing heels cuz i love them so much lol

And here I am actually possessing the power to turn the light off without getting g up (remote)

Funny tumblr post

Post with 9461 votes and 207927 views. Tagged with Funny; I haven't done a dump in ages.

i Get it all the time I've been reading collage level books since grade

Japanese people wear shirts with random American words

These are t-shirts with random nonsense words printed in english for the Japanese kids to wear.

I was entertained

I love this so much. Donald Trump pulling coloured flags out of his nose

"what kind of computer errors are you getting?" "apparently Philadelphia is also a place" Who made this???<- re pinning for "pleSe follow your dream"

"Did you major in booty math?" "The penguins have the TARDIS.