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[tumblr] [instagram] [twitter] [pixiv] Woah, those took a while but I’m really happy how they turned out.

ZODIAC SIGNS - The Bill Cipher Version by Damare on DeviantArt - oh my god. oh my god this is my new favorite thing X'D harsh but true

Bill care about dipper ... So sad !

I was trying to figure out what was happening and then it hit me like a train

Cuuute <3 << I do not ship them but I  wanna hear the story behind this

Cuuute << I do not ship them but I wanna hear the story behind this-->> I ship it

dipper bill | Search Instagram | This can't be happening....Pinetree?...Please kid open your eyes...come on smile...move, DO SOMETHING!!!....ITS NOT SUPPOSE TO BE THIS WAY!! I can't loose you, anyone but you...I have been with you in every dimension of your life time...Dipper?...no...no...No...NO!..IT WAS SUPPOSE TO WORK THIS TIME!!...WE WERE SUPPOSE TO BE SAFE!!  YOU WERE...you...everyone was suppose to be safe, you were suppose to be safe...Pinetree, please open your eyes...(text:Silent)

shit like this makes me so fucking mad like what the Fuck bill literally wanted to kill him and his sister since when does he give a shit abt dipper or his wellbeing how do u misinterpret a character so fucking badly

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*sniffs* These crossovers are just so fucking perfect I just..

I don't ship BillDip, BUT I am a fan of Steven Universe and Gravity Falls, so I enjoy this.

billdip, tomarco

billdip, tomarco // No Bill he's not talking about Dipper, calm down