Haunted Church. Port Arthur, Tasmania. Been!

Ruins at Port Arthur in Tasmania, Australia. During the convicts were sent here to work. You may run into a couple of ghosts here. mystery-s-travel-agency-australia

Gibbs Farmhouse Museum - one of Minnesota's haunted places. blogs.citypages.c...

Gibbs Museum Farmhouse, located very close to the St. Paul Campus of the University of Minnesota. This is a site for many school field trips for Ian and Shannon when they were growing up.

Crescent Hotel, Arkansas. Been!

1886 Crescent Hotel & New Moon Spa, Eureka Springs, Arkansas Double massage!

Stanley Hotel. Been!

Eleven Haunted Sites Around the World STANLEY HOTEL, USA The Stanley Hotel in the Colorado Rockies is the hotel that inspired Stephen King’s The Shining, and is a popular destination for ghost hunters.

Port Arthur, Tasmania. Been!

The convicts’ Penitentiary, as viewed from Mason Cove in Tasmania. From Hobart

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