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The SAM4S ER-260RALB is a basic Cash Register solution for a wide range of smaller retail environments. Basic yet very powerful with many features seen in higher end machines. It has a raised Keyboard and Thermal Printer.
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Buy Latest Casio se-g1m Ecr is the casio cash register it is the entry level large drawer upgrade of 140CR comes with 8 department keys on board a drop in thermal receipt printer that prints tax invoice receipts and a large rear LCD display at QuickPOS. #QuickPOS #CasioCashRegister #http://www.quickpos.com.au/cash-registers/casio-cash-registers-casio-se-g1m-ecr-seg1m.html
Casio 140cr Cash Register is user friendly cash register comes with 5 department cash register with large cash drawer 8 clerks 57mm single station printer 120 PLU s and more at QuickPOS.  #QuickPOS #CasioCashRegister #http://www.quickpos.com.au/cash-registers/casio-cash-registers-casio-140cr-cash-register-140cr.html
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Casio Sec450 ecr is the casio cash register. This model has a single thermal receipt printer 72 flat department/ PLU keys on board and comes in black with a full sized metal cash drawer. #QuickPOS #CasioCashRegister #http://www.quickpos.com.au/cash-registers/casio-cash-registers-casio-sec450-ecr-sec450.html

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