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Yes it dose best place to be riding with just rummy & me

So true. And trust me, today, I need an escape badly. Heading to the barn as soon I can today.- I wish I could still go riding

That face you make when you see a horse you want. #stylemyride #horsehumor #horsememe

So getting anasyns reaction on video for her dad. He is so happy and excited for us and can't wait to meet Chris like I can't wait to meet his new gf! I love being able to coparent and still remain great friends

Riding was what kept me sane and happy. it was taken from me without warning and now im no longer me. its depressing to think that what you once poured your entire self into for so long is now just gone.

Riding keeps me strong and pulls me back together when I do fall apart. Horses always know, but never judge. The love of a horse brought me back into the light from dark times.

"Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory." - Dr. Seuss #Horses #HorseQuotes

Certified in EAGALA, Horse Sense uses Equine therapy to help participants gain an understanding of self and their relationships to others through non-riding interactive, experiential learning activities with horses

I'm sorry Devin. You have no idea how much I miss you too. Just keep your head up for me.

Hunter it really is hard not talking to you, i don't want you to be mad just answer my texts. I miss you so much you were my everything and now you don't even talk to me anymore. I miss you so much -Alexis