Introduce the concept of what makes things sink and float and then follow with a sink or float experiment.

Sink or Float experiments! An active way for children to explore this scientific concept. Chart the results on a graph to add literacy and math to the activity goals.

Who Sank The Boat by Jeff Keith.

Storybook Project completed at Chattahoochee Tech's sound stage at Mountain View campus

sqworl | Pamela Allen - Who Sank the Boat - fun story props!

Here are some story props that you can use to help you and your child retell the story together and decide who sank the boat? Focus on rhyming words during your story retell: children aged months should be able to tell you whether two words rhyme or not

retell - who sank the boat - beginning, middle, end

Easy and fun way to see if children can remember what happened at the beginning, middle and end of a story. Possibly use at the beginning of the year then move to children writing what happened rather then drawing it.

sqworl | Pamela Allen - Who sank the boat

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