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Inspired by the bright colours and patterns of the East, the Kala quilt cover offers a vibrant update for the home. Printed on cotton sateen, this quilt cover combines a riot of colour with an intricate patterned border and large medallion motifs.

yay new theme on my tumblr!!

You must not reduce yourself to a puddle just because the person you like is afraid to swim and you are a fierce sea to them; because there will be someone who was born with love of the waves within.

Live, love, and trust your heart

THIS IS ME. "My heart is not captured easily. I am disinterested in small talk, disillusioned with love, and too focused on my dreams and aspirations to lend anybody my attention for long. - Beau Taplin / The Connection"

Tell your Daughters they are inspiring.

Our daughter will be the second prettiest girl on the planet ❤