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I have heard this story told so many times with different countries, but the bottom part is good.

"This is a lighthouse. Your call" XD Canada: America, you have to divert your course. America: No way Bro! Move over! Canada: America I can't move. America: I WILL ATTACK IF YOU DONT MOVE! Canada: you'll crash if you don't move.

Tumblr Shtuff.

Forget the rest of the list: Batman was the one that made me laugh till my ribs hurt. Oh my God

How to use

Sassy body wash - I totally thought it was a fire extinguisher and can't stop laughing at the comment

No you really have no idea how much I laughed, my mom got mad at me. oh my goodness this is honestly the best thing ever

I thought so too, person whom I don't know. I thought so too. I just shaved, touch my leg. - ( bird with long legs) I'm laughing so hard

Romeo and juliet

I chose this image because romeo and Juliet came from 2 different families that didn't like eachother and they didn't let that effect them because they loved eachother.