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10 Landscaping Ideas For Using Stepping Stones In Your Garden // Circular stepping stones surrounded by small pebbles, lights, and greenery create a pathway through this backyard.

I always wanted a tree house growing up (alas, all the trees in my yard were puny). I'd love to be able to give my kids a basic tree house they can help build and decorate. Honestly though, I'm a little surprised how many images I had to sort through on my search engine before coming across this one. Tree houses are so complicated now; whatever happened to a simple box with windows? Hint for the parents: I really don't think your kid will care that you spend five-hundred+ on his tree house.

Growing up tree houses are something that kids and teens(like myself) love to enjoy.Alas the trees in my yard are too small to build one,but maybe one day I will get to have one.Anyway here is how to build a simple backyard tree house.

How to Set Fence Posts That Won't Rot - soak in wood preservative containing copper napthanate. Place post on top of at least 6 inches of aggregate. Pour concrete so that it is above soil level. Trowel top smooth and slope so water runs away from post. Apply exterior latex caulk around base of post. Use heartwood which is dark & denser & more insect resistant, not sapwood which is lighter.

How to Set Fence Posts That Wont Rot Keep moisture and insects from destroying your cedar fence posts - Garden Tips and Tricks