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Boy and Girl Silhouettes Hanging From a Tree by IrrationalArts

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cardinals on a branch tattoo...

cardinals on a branch tattoo.if I were ever brave enough.would love a cardinal tattoo.,Tat it up,Tattoo Inspiration,Tattoos,

My family bird tattoo, could be on the branch of a tree

Two little birds and big bird in dark brown for eye color. One big bird in dark blue for my eye color, then fly away blue bird for Brice. Very close to the idea i already had for a memory tat for Brice

I found this as a piece of artwork and saved it on a old computer for the purpose of a tattoo this is the first time I've saw it on skin. It looks amazing. I have some adjustments to make but if/when I get the nerve to do the half sleeve this will be it.

This is an awesome tattoo! Black and grey girl on a swing with full moon and tree silhouette tattoo idea. Gorgeous and feminine, yet dark.

Beautiful! My idea (shape-wise) is most like the middle one. Love love! #tree tattoo #tattoo inspiration

I'm trying to get an idea of a tattoo for next year and I'm thinking of incorporating a tree! I've always loved trees and they remind me of my dad's love of gardening and making bonsais.