Strawberry, Almond

Simple and delicious, this chia seed pudding can be made in minutes.

Mexican Vegetable Fritters -

Full of flavour and spice this is a perfect vegetable breakfast even if you don’t like vegetables!

Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls -

These rolls are super fresh and full of flavour. For summer lunches you can swap out your veggies with fruits and sweet rice.

Pasta Salad -

Salads are great way to whip up some fresh food goodness. You can change up the taste by switching your dressings around. For now, try this simple olive oil and lemon dressing.

Tofu Frittata -

The liquid tofu works just like whisked eggs in this fast and tasty frittata.


This make-your-own bircher muesli recipe is sweet and tasty and so easy to make.


Creamy risotto packed full of fresh flavour.