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Reach for the one with a heart as large as yours! ;j

I've recently been trying to reconnect with the beauty of this artist, but couldn't remember her name. Nice to find you again Amanda Cass! "loVe from up above" by Amanda Cass

the moon tree in my garden...

the moon in the tree.I just realized why all men want to have a threesome with 2's their way of returning to their pagan roots, to be sandwiched between Mother Earth and the Goddess Moon.

TREE of LIFE 5 x 7 print of beautiful natural female earth energy universe rebirth flowing fertility forest starlight twinkle purple sky

TREE of LIFE - Cha Wakan x 11 print of beautiful & colourful earth mother artwork, rebirth pregnant rainbow blue red green yellow orange

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Mother Earth Artemis is the Greek goddess of animals. She is both the huntress and protector of animals, especially the young. She presides over nature and the initiation rituals of young girls.