Maltese sausage

Maltese Sausage Recipe ngredients 1 kg thickly minced pork with fat. shopping list crashed black peppercorns crashed coriander seeds 5 cloves of garlic 5 tbsp chopped parsley pork intestines skin (for filling ) Hobz biz-zejt - a typical Maltese dish #FineWinesMalta #foodandwine , #food , #Malta #wine, #wines , #finewines , #buywine

Hobz biz-zejt - a typical Maltese dish - bread soaked in olive oil, with tomato paste and mint, basil, parsley, whatever. Capers are great with it too.

Malteser Cheesecake

Make Maltesers rich, creamy cheesecake recipe filled with crispy chocolate and honeycomb chunks for a brilliant party treat

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