Rainforest layers diorama.  Can I adapt this to our study of the layers of Earth's atmosphere? Yes! My kids LOVE hands-on projects like this!

rain forest diorama- love, love, love this idea! We will be doing a unit on rain forests this year. Can't wait to do this with the kids.

Textured Painting - Natures Paint Brushes

Textured Painting with Nature's Paint Brushes

"Textured Painting - Natures Paint Brushes" This is not just art, but art in nature! Go on a nature walk to gather 'schtuff!' Then use what you gather to create art or As art!

KS1 Aboriginal rainsticks More

- Aboriginal rainsticks are a fun and educational activity that focus on how different uses of various materials can be combined to create something that was used in Aboriginal communities.

Natural Playdough Seed Ornaments!

Rangoli patterns on playdough using natural grains (Butterflies Childminding)