John Brack, Self-portrait, 1955 | Self-portrait by John Brack (Australia, 1920–1999), 1955, oil on canvas, 81.5 x 48.3 cm | National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, Purchased with the assistance of the National Gallery Women’s Association, 2000, © Helen Brack

John Brack 'The chase' 1959 . John Brack 'Two typists' 1955 . John Brack 'Collins St, 5 p. John Brack 'The bar' 1954 . John Brack 'The conference' 1956 . John Brack 'The block' 1954 .

John Brack ~ Second Daughter, 1954

John Brack (1920 – 1999, Australian)

ordinary setting, made interesting through the use of lines, and positive and negative shapes

Nude with dressing gown 1967 John Brack

Devoid of sensuality, John Brack's nudes stand eery and angular on canvases heavy with meaning.

Out, (1979) by John Brack ::Australia

Out, by John Brack ::Australia

john brack landscape - Google Search

john brack landscape - Google Search

John Brack(Australian artist 1920ー1999)「Nude with two Chairs」

Jeanette Sobey on

John Brack(Australian artist with two Chairs」

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