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This is such a COOL Idea! DIY Sand Art in Jars! Love it! *****for vacation sand! and water. If has water, seal off top with lid and wax!

Works | | Anu Tuominen

Anu Tuominen, Early Morning by the Sea, 2013 (soap cups, stones from the Arctic Ocean)

straw bale cosmetics boutique by hornowski design in poland

situated in the old jewish district 'pieknalia' in krakow, local studio hornowski design have completed the sustainable 'straw bale cosmetics boutique'.


After the first Aesop London store, which opened in 2008 in Mount Street, Mayfair, Aesop's group is pleased to have found a new outlet for their London clientele in Westbourne Grove, Notting Hill.


Image 1 of 13 from gallery of Barber Shop / Ard Hoksbergen. Courtesy of Ard Hoksbergen

aesop yokohama bay by torafu architects.

Aesop yokohama bay by torafu architects. Natural stone and green (the green varies from store to store but is always the highlight colour)