Brook Farm General Store by decor8, via Flickr

I love the beeswax pillars, lovely. Shopgirl Visits: Brook Farm General Store in Brooklyn

Use a thrift store belt to dress up a candle

Use a thrift store belt to dress up a candle. Would look great with a western themed belt buckle.

Candle centerpiece

Wanting to have something similar(maybe on a smaller scale? What a beautiful centerpiece or just accent decor. Our beautifully scented candles from Heaven Scent will recreate this beautiful image.

candle store    in  saint germain

candle store in saint germain

Candles from Cire Trudon, the oldest candle store.

DIY Home Projects

Candlesticks: Clean candlesticks with soap and water to remove dirt. Use metal spray paint and primer, following directions on cans. Let dry. Add another coat if you're not satisfied with the color or if there are spots that need touch-ups. Paint stripes, dots, or any other pattern using enamel craft paint and a brush.  These were the old brass ones you can find at flea markets everywhere.

Give old dressers, lamps, tables, and picture frames a contemporary facelift.

Yankee Candle Flagship Store. Deerfield,Mass. My brother took me there a few years ago...loved it :)

This is on my bucket list after I win the lotto LOL.Can't wait to see the UPS guy's face as he unloads it all on my front porch :o)

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