A chalkboard wall could be used in so many ways! Use Command hooks and re-arrange often, but I love for clothing and jewelry.

What makes Boden Boden? A great way to show what makes your brand unique using merchandise.

Paint drawer, mount on wall, and use to hang keys, put mail in, etc.! Would be cute to put by the front door. Another idea to store keys, it to put hooks in a small vintage frame, and hang that on the wall. You could also get bigger drawers, hang them upside down, and use that as a shelf, corkboard, or shadowbox!

DIY Painted Drawer Shelf (can also be used for keys/mail/wallet/phone, etc.) Idea for craft wall too - for things I prefer didn't move!

Great for a boutique. I love the look of the repurposed doors

Here is a new idea for your closet. just get some old shutters.Salvaged shutters used as clothing racks.

Simple & Brilliant Message Board

Industrial paper roll message board for the kitchen or office. Neat idea, but I think I'll use a roll of craft paper from the Dollar Tree instead. Idk where to get a roll of industrial paper to begin with, and I'm sure craft paper is cheaper.