Flower shop under the railway - Borough Market

Flower shop under the railway - Borough Market - great plant display idea in a small space!

Kohatu Petros Display

(A través de CASA REINAL) >>>> Spring window display. Beautiful soft colours - love the idea of bringing the window outside!

flower wall

Flowers and plants are believed to increase a person's mood, even many of us who live in the city dreaming of life in the hills with flower garden and found

Dried Thistle hanging amongst lights.  I would rather have a more random look, but good idea.  Landet Järna Flower Shop in Sweden | Gardenista

Gorgeous wild flower shop design in Stockholm with large windows, white penny tile floors and a lovely display of seasonal flowers and vintage lab bottles.

All That is Solid, Glasgow (book, furniture and design store, artisan coffee shop, gallery space & creative hang-out)

Conceived by Alan Pert of architects NORD – in collaboration with creative platform GOODD – Glasgow’s All That is Solid is an independent book, furniture and design store, along with an artisan coffee shop and …