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One Wire - Sculpture - Couple Love Artist: Gavin Worth

I love this! One the coolest things ever! Every couple should have one of these made in their image. One Wire Sculpture - Couple Love Artist: Gavin Worth.

Wish I knew about this before…

math: Fun math trick and a visual representation of multiplication that actually makes sense and goes pretty quickly (aka students don't have to draw 25 groups of


This worksheet is Parallel Lines Angles Questions in a fun and engaging way. Work out the missing angles for the computer programmer using everything you know about parallel lines and their angle properties.

Dinky King - Parallel Lines Questions.docx

Dinky King - Parallel Lines Angles Questions - solve for the missing angles using your knowledge of angle properties

Angles Lesson Plan: Design your own Mini Golf Course - Edgalaxy - Cool Stuff For Nerdy Teachers - Edgalaxy: Where Education and Technology Meet.

Awesome lesson plan about angles through the lens of mini golf! You can probably do a similar one with pool and billiards!

It's the beginning of the school year, and that means it's time to teach place value. Right!?  It seems that this is the time of year that e...

# Decimal Place Value Anchor Chart Example - Teaching With a Mountain View: Decimal Place Value Resources & Teaching Ideas