6 SECOND COLESLAW (Thermomix) 200g cabbage, roughly cut 100g carrots, roughly cut 1 green apple (quartered, no need to peel or deseed) 1/4-1/2 small onion (I didn’t bother with this and didn’t feel that the coleslaw was lacking balance, but I think a bit of red onion would actually have been quite a nice addition). S to taste 2 tablespoons of mayonnaise

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Beetroot Salad (Thermomix) 2 raw beetroot (not canned) peeled and quartered 1 medium carrot roughly chopped 1 apple (I used a pink lady) quartered and cored 1/2 red onion halved handful of herbs (I used basil, mint and rosemary) Juice of 1 lime Pinch salt

This is a hearty salad, that even the manliest salad hater will love. It’s perfect to feed a crowd, I was able to feed my family of 4 and have more than half left over – you can make it go even further with extra salad stuff and dressing too. The beauty of this recipe is you...Read More »

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