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the turtle said remember me and so on so the turtle tells a knock knock joke seal responds and said who`s there turtle said i thought you remember me

I command you to pick me up, cuddle me, walk me to the kitchen, fill my feed & water bowl. These paws have spoken

Cat love . . . .

Funny pictures about Zombie Cat Wants To Eat Your Brains. Oh, and cool pics about Zombie Cat Wants To Eat Your Brains. Also, Zombie Cat Wants To Eat Your Brains photos.

Halloween is my favorite time of year, and it’s not just because I love eating half of my kids’ candy or decorating my house to scare all of the neighborhood children, I also love to make fun treats! BUT, only if they’re super, super easy. Not because I’m lazy (maybe sometimes), but because I have a …

These cute, little fruit monsters are not only adorable as can be, they’re also a healthy snack option for Halloween! INSTRUCTIONS: Cut several strawberries length wise into little slivers to use as the tongues. Depending on the size of your strawberries,

Funny cat

I like this pic. Brings back memories of when my cat was nose to nose with a deer (no window in between) but I did not get a picture!