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Beef Brisket @ 63.9c for 24h

I’ve had really spotty results sous viding grass fed beef so I’m always nervous about the outcome. Grass fed beef ain’t cheap so it kills me to have to “experiment” to find the perfect time and.

Beef Dry Rub

Texas Style Best Odds Brisket Rub - This traditional brisket rub is most commonly used Texas. Though simple to make, this rub contains what you need to make a delicious smoked barbecue brisket.

Pork Marinade

Perfect pulled pork recipe - slow roasted seasoned savory - This is my favorite pulled pork recipe!

Lamb Leg @ 55c for 24h

Remember how I sous vided a butterflied lamb leg and tri-tip roast earlier this week? Well, I finished cooking off the lamb tonight and it was fantastic! Here’s a recap of how easy it was: Purchase.