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9 Foods That Last Forever | Infographic #survivallife

9 Foods That Last Forever - honey - salt - cornstarch - rice - white vinegar - sugar - hard liquor - maple syrup

DIY Bug Out Bag Infographic

DIY Bug Out Bag Infographic. Just make sure to pack your knives and guns along with the food water and clothes

A compiled list of VEDC/BOB divided by category as well as importance of each supply. Hope this helps more beginners like myself.

When one thinks Bug Out Vehicles (BOV), one conjures up images of jacked up trucks or commando style pickups outfitted with the latest military.

Make Water Drinkable | Why and How to Purify Water | Survival Skills, Tips And Tricks by Survival Life at

Make Your Water Safe To Drink Even While Camping With This Infographic Diy Water Filter Purifying Wa 2