My Art pieces

Aboriginal dot painting and designs by Richard Websdale.
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Aboriginal Dot Painting by Richard Websdale titled Soul Mates.
Art by Richard Websdale titled "Follow your dreams" is a piece about his life. Some dreams fade while others are endless
Art by Richard Websdale titled "Dessert storm" This is a piece which captures the Kimberly and Pilbara wet season meeting it's beautiful red dirt. Currently this painting is in Canada where it hopes to find a market for his wonderfully talented pieces.
"Soul mates" Acrylic on canvas Aboriginal dot painting 1000 x 400mm
My piece titled " face off " Acrylic canvas on a 1000x700mm canvas.
Acrylic dot painting titled migration  This piece is on canvas 1200mm x 900mm One of my favourites
Canvas 500 x 400 titled life path.  Acrylic paint
One of my pieces entitled " Two worlds one soul mate" Done on a 1200 x 900 canvas. These pieces are for sale