E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial

The Extra-Terrestrial - I have a vivid memory of my family and I going to see this at the drive-in when I was a kid - a double feature with Harry and the Hendersons.

Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park- I will never forget learning to play this song in Jr high on the violin.

Back To The Future

When Marty McFly does his time-travel thing in the 1985 movie Back to the Future II, he lands on the way-off date of October 2015 … today. So in honor of what’s being dubbed Back to the Future Day, […]

Apollo 13

Apollo 13 - I've always loved Tom Hanks, lol.

Happy Gilmore

Happy Gilmore is a classic Adam Sandler movie about a guy that loves hockey but is unsuccessful in the sport who starts to build a love/hate relationship with golf.

8 Mile

In 2003 Eminem received an Oscar for “Lose Yourself” from the film 8 Mile. The track became the first rap tune to win an Oscar for Original Song.

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