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I am sure its more than 2% LOL

"Look at my bruise! How did I do that? "Oh yeh, well look at this bruise!" "How did you do that!

Yes she would

Martha Stewart would choke on her craft supplies if she saw how I wad up a fitted sheet. That's exactly how I fold my fitted sheets up. I figure the wrinkles will disappera once I make the bed (~_~)


I'm afraid of a world run by adults who were never spanked as kids and got trophies just for participating. The Wussification of America. So true and so funny.

But really

totally ME! I'm not anti-social. I'm selectively social. There's a difference.


"If you lose one sense, your other senses are enhanced. That's why people with no sense of humour have an increased sense of self-importance.

This makes me smile :)

oh so bad.Sometimes I get nervous that I haven't done anything with my life. But then something good comes on TV and I'm OK.