sea foam green: The north Atlantic from a high cliff in Dún Aengus on Inishmore Island, Ireland

I am Poet/Founder of Keep St. Pete Lit. I thrive on exploring the interior and exterior world. I am constantly on the lookout for for examples of beauty and truth. Here are a few of the visual images I have found.

Everyone has those friends that are the funnest people in the world to be around, but where do you draw the line? When do you put your morals and values before your friendship?


Uther Jago was, quite simply, the most magnificent man I had ever seen. Or had ever dreamed might exist. He was possessed of gold-tinted skin, features carved by the hand of an artist and amber eyes lit with unholy fire.

Satire: The people of the town were very concentrated and desperate to see proof that the king and the duke were frauds, but once they see that the money was in the coffin they forget about them and shift their attention to the money.

I wish i could just tell you but i was never the best at just talking, and although i know you wouldn't mind it's a scary thing to say out loud

Pentacles - Earth - Body / your physical health, sustenance and material security. Practicalities. Pack it up, you will need it for the journey ahead.