Melbourne Show calf
Angelsea Australia
Angelsea Sunset Victoria
Arc de Triòmphe
My man contemplating life at Museé d'Orsay
A photo I took of one of Stuttgart's frozen lakes today. Stunning
Point Roadknight Angelsea
Our Villa in Bali - so beautiful
I think I need a few more lanterns to make this space work
My new herb garden

More ideas
Rice paddocks in Ubud, Bali - beautiful
Meeting a lovely lady in the middle of Berastagi, Sumatra
Taylor's show cow, Callie had her bull calf on march 6, 2012. Didn't get to show in Houston due to Callie not letting anyone near calf.
This calfy is telling you that he loves you, and can he stay?!
W07 Beef Master- David Stoecklein
Angus heifer
.Looks like he is ready to go to a sale.
Have a horse training program set up and have a small breeding business for quarter horses.