Australian Flag: Students read information explaining the history and significance of Australia day. A labelled diagram of the Australian flag is also included. Good for classroom display. Free by Becky McPhee

The Austrian flag dates all the way back to 1230 making it the second oldest national flag in the world, the oldest being the Danish flag!

Australian Aboriginal flag, Naidoc, history and symbolism

Australian Aboriginal flag designed by Harold Thomas.was flown outside the Aboriginal Tent Embassy in Canberra before becoming the official flag.

A map of Australia, clearly illustrating the states and territories and major cities. Australia is divided into 6 states including the island state of Tasmania and two territories including the Northern Territory and Australian Capital Territory

Maps of Asian and Far East Countries, Printable, Royalty Free jpg clip art

Coat of Arms of New South Wales | #NSW #Australia #heraldry

Coat of Arms of New South Wales

Fraser Island Map

Fraser Island

Fraser Island is a must do on any Australia East Coast adventure. Fraser Island has an amazing array of natural wonders including over 100 freshwater lakes.

Daintree Rainforest, Queensland, AUS

Daintree Rainforest, Queensland, AUS

GREAT BARRIER REEF MAP, endagered habitat

Great Barrier Reef Map of the Great Barrier Reef, Tour from Cairns and Port Douglas Coast

States and Territories

17 Annoying Things Foreigners Need To Get Right About Australia

Great Barrier Reef Map

Great Barrier Reef Map

Coat of Arms of Australia

Coat of Arms of Australia - Australia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia