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BTS RUN MV lockscreen

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Jungkook lockscreen 🌟like/RB if saved🌟

Jungkookie snacking and being a cutie patootie ^^

Jungkookie snacking and being a cutie patootie ^^

i shouldn't have said that

All that's going through my head tonight are those five words ugh why do I even bother saying anything-sb

Bc I persist through space and time. When I cease to exist in time, I will cease to exist in space. But will I still occupy the space from a previous time or is it all just vapor? Is the moment real? Does anything really mean anything or is it all transitory en route to some greater end? Maybe time is just a chemical reaction and will last as long as the transformation requires. Maybe it's much more complex than that...

Growing up with parents who abandoned him at an early age certainly colored him as a person.