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Piaget: children have real understanding only of that which they invent themselves.

Piaget: children have real understanding only of that which they invent themselves. As crianças têm uma compreensão real apenas aquilo que eles inventam-se.

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Grade - Pre-K - Kindergarten , Subject - For All Subject Areas - This set of 5 EYLF posters are beautiful to display on walls, in portfolios and in programs. They contain the outcomes, activities and links to relevant theorists.

Pin 1. This pin depicts the principles, practices and outcomes in the Belonging, Being and Becoming; Early Years Learning Framework. Each of the principles, practices and outcomes support educators in providing quality education in the early childhood sector. Educators are able to use the framework as a guide when planning and programming activities and routines for children.

How Teachers Create Supportive Environments that take Social and Emotional Development into Consideration


QKLG Learning Area Posters with Activities and Links to Theorists - Designed by Teachers

The many benefits of messy play!

According to one study by psychologist Samuelson, allowing a child to engage in messy play, like throwing around food like porridge, jello and other messy food, allows them to gather sensory information and learn how different objects have a certain shape

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