Midsummer Nights Collar Dress

Be enchanted by the highly anticipated “Midsummer Nights” collar dress. A shapely bust with a defined black collar, made in our exclusive “Midsummer Nights” printed fabric, only available at Kitten D’Amour!

Aye Aye Kitten Blouse - Aye Aye Kitten - Collections

Brand: Kitten D'Amour Style: Aye Aye Kitten Blouse Model wears size 14 Model's Measurements: inches or .

Oodles Of Poodles Skirt

Twirl down the boulevard in a haze of poodles! This beautiful skirt is made in our exclusive “Oodles Of Poodles” printed fabric, only available at Kitten D’Amour.

Midnight In Paris Bustle Skirt

Experience the nightlife of Paris in the ‘Midnight in Paris” Bustle Skirt!this skirt even pairs beautifully with our range of "D'Amour Clas