Stephanie Wetzler

Stephanie Wetzler

I was formerly known as Stephanie Charley and Maiden name was Sindel
Stephanie Wetzler
More ideas from Stephanie I re-posted this...don't know who gets credit for it, as I can't find who originally posted it.  It's very pretty. Abstract Rust

Looking forward to incorporating these interesting abstract rust colours into the next hat collection

4 alligators tails | Flickr - ocalf-53

I really like the texture and pattern in the blue peeling paint, and the thinning out of the rust. I also like the sharp contrast in complementary colours.

texturas de acrilicos y pinturas cracelados, mpistados en cartulina o en algun material grueso podria ser en la contratapa

nature's artwork - peeling and rust colour, surface pattern and texture - beauty in decay intrigues me and gives the best color juxtaposition