Q+A: We answer all your questions about Digital Marketing

Extended FAQs. Over time, we will address as many of your questions as possible to help demystify the jargon, lingo and cliches you've heard from Digital Marketing companies but don't know what they mean.
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Why Do SEO?
What are the benefits of optimising Google Places?
What we do behind the scenes to boost your SEO.
What is the difference between Google Manual and Algorithmic Penalties?
What is SEM?
What is PPC?
What are backlinks?
What is a Landing Page?
What is On-Page Marketing?
How does Google Rank a Website - a Basic Guide

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Does it Matter What I choose for my Domain Name?
There are several cases where a web page or even whole website is moved to a new location. Find out how to tell visitors and search engines of that move via 301 Permanent Redirects.    Covers multiple Servers and Languages.
Limportance du web dans la communication dune association
What is CTR?
What is Google 'My Business'?
How to Recover from a Google Penalty?
What is duplicate content?
How Do I Manage Multiple Google Maps Listings?
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