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The first question I ask when I meet Is there food anywhere here? The last time I ate was like half an hour ago. Come on, I know you have food somewhere, cause niall needs food. so like don't lie to me where's the food.

Ahahahah eat it Taylor lol      This is how we found out that Haylor is over

Taylor swift and Harry styles, lol this is so funny! Okay I can't stop laughing at their expressions!


Funny one direction imagines - Bing Images<<<<<omg harry's face lmao fetus much

Haha o my gosh niall:)

Yes Niall! I do wish my BOYFRIEND was like you. I wish you were my boyfriend. Or my husband ❤️❤️❤️

He's so cute

Niall Horan (one direction niall horan funny sweet duck) haha aww

If this ever happens, don't question it. GET IN THE VAN(:

don't get in the van there's never candy. but this van it doesn't matter there's 5 cute guys.get in the van or i will

liam your so funny *I love you* ;D but then look at Niall *I love you even more* and then there's Harry *i love him most*